LOW TUNNELS with Steel Pipe Frames
a stronger solution for year-round crop protection

Low Tunnel Steel Pipe Frames from H. Schwartz & Sons


Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Pipe
Low Tunnel Hoops

Extend your growing season
Year Round!

Don't settle by temporarily extending your growing season
with cheap, disposable, thin wire hoops that will collapse under any snow, rain or high winds.

The smart solution is us. Our hoops will last , rain after rain, snow after snow,
season after season.

For each hoop, we use a 10 foot long piece of .922" OD, 18 gauge commercial quality galvanized steel pipe.

Each hoop is 5'6" wide x 3'4" tall.

Row cover / Low Tunnels:
Increase production
Control temperature and humidity
Force early maturity
Extend your growing season

All at a low price of $5.00 per hoop

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